Our philosophy, our mission

Live a full life is essential!

A chronic illness should not prevent us from practicing the activities we want.

This is why we put our know how in textile design and serious game creation at the service of chronic patients. Through our solutions, we accompany people who deal with self-care devices and / or injection treatments in their daily activities, whether their activities are ordinary or extraordinary.

We start from people wish and look for solutions to remove the constraints that a treatment implies when practicing these activities. To each activity, to each treatment, there is a dedicated solution.

We start by listening to patients and understand their use of their medical device. We also work with caregivers and experts in the different areas of expertise implemented. Our goal is to make everyday life easier and open up new opportunities while improving adherence.

Sometimes an existing product meets the identified need. This may be a product already created for this purpose or a product diverted from its usual use. So we carefully test this product and if we are satisfied, we set up partnerships to offer you a solution at the best price.

If, on the contrary, we do not find an existing satisfactory product, we launch the creation of a dedicated product.

If you do not find a solution for practising the activity you wish, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to find an answer to your need.

We also carry out tailor-made projects for specific needs for professionals in our two fields of expertise: textile accessories and serious therapeutic games.