COLORE MA VIE is the course of four lives affected by type one diabetes which merged in a big common adventure.

On the one hand, Sophie is mum of T1D guy. In 2010 she discovers insulin pump with tubing. The insulin pump pouch offered to wear it is black and rather sad. So she decides to pic her sewing machine and create a fun and colourful pouch for his guy … and then for many other kids.

Some 500 kilometers away Michaël is fond of running. In 2007, at age 32 he has just discovered that he has diabetes. When he looks for a carrying case for his glucometer, he finds nothing colourful enough and ergonomic for running to suit his need. So he decides to launch his own product range.

A few years after, in 2016, Sophie and Michaël meet each other and decide to found together COLORE MA VIE: a product brand that looks like them and a website to largely distribute their products and colour the life of many people.

Not far away Aline is an engineer, specialised in change management by using games. In 2014 when her girl is diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes, it seems to her natural to help ther girl with a game.

Aline meets Sabine, who is a designer and also mum of diabetic kids. Together they create DID ACT, a range of board games to help young and old to better deal with their treatment.

 It appears very quickly that COLORE MA VIE is the best way to diffuse DID ACT products and a collaboration starts.

Today COLORE MA VIE offers a large range of products reflecting its creators and their paths.

 As her son grew up, Sophie progressively withdrew from the project. But her energy and her creativity are still there. We regularly have a look at her old prototypes to find new inspiration!

Michaël unfortunately passed away in April 2019. His big heart and his sense of values remain a strong pillar for COLORE MA VIE. We consider ourselves in this matter as his heirs.  

Sabine is involved in most projects from COLORE MA VIE. She can be product designer, concept artist, graphist… you can find her inputs almost everywhere!

Aline continues to be project manager and game designer. She is leading the company at the same time.

The COLORE MA VIE family is also expanding over time.

Although type one diabetes is the reason why we all started this adventure, we also have discovered that many other chronical diseases encountered daily constraints. This is why we are progressively enlarging our product range in order to offer solutions for all chronical patients.