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We would like to share with you our story and to tell you about the start of COLORE MA VIE, COLORE MA SANTE.



Can you start by sharing your diabetes diagnosis story?


Michael « I was diagnosed in May 2007 when I was 32. Like most disbetics, I was very tired and I drank a lot. My doctor orescribed me a blood test and called me at my office to announce the result : HbA1c 11%

Immediately, I was hospitalized for one week and I learned quickly to speak "diabetes" : Hypoglycaemia, glycated hemoglobin,  blood glucose meter, lancet device, ketoacidosis.

Now, Diabetes is a part of my daily life. I manage well, but I admit  it is not always easy.


How did you decide to create accessories?


Michael : « I was having one of those days, and all I wanted was to console myself with my favorite macarons : strawberry rose, pistachio green, citron yellow... SWEET!

 When you live in France, it is difficult to resist these colourful temptations.

 I knew what awaited me was my blood glucose meter in a gloomy, black case. How morbid!

 Thus, SEVEN was born : let's bring more color into our daily lives."


Tell us the biginning of your brand  : 


Michael : « I worked in the car industry in the logistics department. But I always wanted to create something by myself. I decided to leave that company to create cases for medical equipment. Lots of people said to me, "You are crazy! You had a good job!!" My feeling on that was, OK... but it's more gratifying to think that my case brings, maybe, just a little happiness."

Now I'm working with a mum wich has a Diabetic son. She gave me all her experiences to developp new product.


Colore ma Vie don't want to give you advice. We just wish to help you little with accessories to lead to forget the medical side of the equipment carried 24h / 24 and 7/7 

Just like our site and our way of thinking the disease, accessories are simple, practical, dynamic, nice, colored.


Thank you for your interest and enjoy your visit!